15+short question with answer and some shortcut-key about the computer.

Basic question and answer.

Q1.What is computer?

Ans:-Computer is an electronic machine which is work according to human instruction. computer can not take data itself. For example:-If we want the addition of two 4 then we get to put in computer 4+4, it will process according to his logical understanding and give the answer.

Q2.What is data?

Ans:-Data is a piece of random information that we give to the computer for process.

There are two types of data which we give to the computer.

1.)Numerical Data.

2.)Alphanumeric Data.

Q3.what is input?

Ans: -A set of instructions whatever we give to the computer for the process is called input.

Q4.what is Input device?

Ans:-Input device are those which helps to feed data in computer.example: keyboard, mouse, pen drive etc.

Q5.what is output?

Ans:-After processing whatever we get from the computer, as a result, it is called output.

Q6.what is output device?

Ans:-Output device are those which are help get output from the computer. like printer, monitor, plotter etc

Q7.what is processing?

Ans:- After gives input and before get output whatever occurs inside of the computer is called process.

Q8.What is CPU?

Ans:-Cpu is the brain of a computer, it controls all hardware of computer which is connected with the CPU. basically CPU has three-part which are given below.

1.)ALU(Arithmetic logic unit)

2.)CU(control unit)

3.)memory unit

Arithmetic logic unit process the all kind of arithmetic operation within the computer. And control unit manages all kind of activity inside of computer. The memory unit manages the data in computer and store it properly.

Q9.how Charles became fathers of the computer?

Ans:-In 1820, an English inventor, Charles Babbage, created a deference engine and later an analytical engine.  The first commuter prototype was constructed using Charles Babbage’s concept.  Because of this reason, Charles Babbage became the father of computers.

Q10.what is a new slide for short-cut key?


Q11. What is Disk Operating System?

Ans:-Disk Operating System is a Single window command-based or text-based operating system. Dos works without Graphic window

Q12.What is the full form of OMR?

Ans:-Optical mark reader.

Q13 What is the full form of OCR?

Ans:-Optical Character reader.

Q14 What is the full form of MTNL?

Ans:-Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited

Q15 What is the full form of E-Commerce?

Ans:-Electronic Commerce

Q16 What is the full form of ASCII?

Ans:-American Standard Code for Information Interchange.

Q17 What is the full form of www?

Ans:-World wide web

Q18 What is the full form of URL?

Ans:-Uniform Resource Locator

Q19 What is the Internet?

Ans:-The full form of internet is International Network. This is like a spider web which is connected each other in all over the world, Its use some protocol like TCP/IP(Transmission protocol/Internet protocol) for transit signal or data each other.

Q20 What is an operating system?

Ans:-Operating system is system software which is work between the computer hardware and user. An operating system like a bridge between the user and hardware and it helps to communicate with each other.  
Some important short-cut keys

Bold Ctrl+B
Close Ctrl+w
Close Ctrl+f4
Copy Ctrl+c
Find Ctrl+F
Italics Ctrl-I
Menu bar F10
Next window Ctrl+f6
Open Ctrl+O
Paste Ctrl+v
Print Ctrl+P
Repeat Find Shift+f4
Repeat/Redo Ctrl+y
Replace Ctrl+H
Undo Ctrl+z

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